Future Proof Your Family

Meet our assembly of amazing guest contributors. Over two evenings you will hear a range of short talks aimed to provide you with insights on how you can start to make plans today to positively impact key areas of your future life.

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Meet Laura Helen

Laura Helen Aka Mummy from Forever Family Forever Free, 5 times bestselling author, speaker and coach joins us to share her top tips to creating lasting memories and how to bond with your children.

Talk title: Mum remember when we…?

In a world full of disconnect it’s time to make family a priority and rebuild those relationships, giving your children the best start in life and the solid foundation they need to grow and flourish.

Laura is the proud mummy of two incredible children, both best selling authors, with over 40 published books between them, already making an impact and passive income for their futures.

Laura is a travelling, world schooling, serial entrepreneurial mum, that has faced and overcome many challenges. Now Laura and her family love to learn, grow and inspire other families. Together, they are on a mission to make family important again.

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Meet Robert Harris

I’m Rob Harris offering the possibility of being your financial friend. That’s a financial friend benefiting your child(ren) and your whole family unit.  I provide guidance and information helping you to make the most of your savings.  How will this help you and your child(ren)?

Talk title: Mum I want a money tree!

As your financial friend I bring 50 years (gosh! half a century!) of knowledge, understanding and financial awareness into your lives.  You see I was professionally qualified as a wealth manager and Independent Financial Advisor for all those years. Now I use that knowledge, to explain simply, how you can make the most of every penny you (and your child) can save.

It’s a great idea to plant a ‘money tree’ for your child(ren) as soon as possible.  Make sure you have the funds when they are needed for your child’s security and best possible future.

Your ‘money tree ‘needs to provide the fruit of prudent and profitable saving/investment.  Provide the right amount of money in the hands of your child at the right times of their life.  Along the way they too will learn to use money to provide for the best life possible.

"It was great to join and thank you again. Really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot so thank you for organising. Thank you very much".

- Kerry, Farnham

"This woman is an inspiration! She has helped me to have more get up and go and I’m really enjoying the pramfit that we do and getting to know Vanessa a lot more!"

- Amy, Nottingham

Meet Jeannette Jones

Hello, My name is Jeannette Jones and my life changed when I became a Grandma! When Miya arrived, I wanted to give her something for her future – normal ideas would have included Premium Bonds or a savings account. I decided to try and give her a healthier environment to grow up in.

Talk title: Mum, if you look after me, who looks after Mother Earth?

Being ill health retired, I knew I had to be realistic in what I could do. Anygreenwilldo was born! My philosophy has always been that doing something is better than not doing anything at all. I don’t do “stress”, “complicated” or “difficult”.

The most successful things are simple, so that is the route I follow. Children are our future and I believe that it is down to all of us to create an environment for them to grow up in safely. By being realistic and just concentrating on your home, you can make a 100% positive difference in this.

A healthier world does start at home.



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Life & Relationship Coach

Meet Roberta Mussato

Roberta Mussato was born in Treviso, Italy and has always loved travelling, languages and psychology.

In 2018 she decided to go backpacking to Asia alone for three months as a way to escape a deep, generalised crisis on many fronts.

Talk title: Mum, what's abundance, and can we live there?

During this journey Roberta decided to start an experiment: not to plan a single thing, as to see how life can be when you don't have expectations or pre-set ideas on how things should go.

That journey was so life changing that she shares it in details in her Italian book "Universo, mi affido a te", published in December 2020, and in its English translation "Universe, I trust You", recently released. She dedicates her book to all the women who feel stuck, at a crossroad, or awakening.

Meet Sue Ritchie

Sue's previous life involved working long hours under high levels of stress. She was putting everyone else first in her life, including work and was constantly pushing herself to the limit, trying to fit everything in, thinking her body would somehow keep going regardless.

Talk title: Mum, your health really matters to me!

14 years ago Sue had a big health wake-up call. This led her to making some big life changing decisions that involved getting a good work-life balance, putting herself first and taking responsibility for her health and her life.

Sue went on to establish her health business, successfully helping other women to recover from similar chronic diseases and transforming their lives, taking an holistic approach.  Now she successfully brings together all her specialist knowledge on health, gut health, nutrition, mindset and emotional healing to help women and their partners increase their potential for conception.

Sue is the author of an award-winning book Love your Gut and co-writer of 5 others. She regularly has articles published in magazines and speaks on the radio, podcasts and at events. She is a wife, mother of two grown up children and to her delight a grandmother to little Phoebe.

Photo by Ursula Kelly @ Studiosoftbox.co.uk


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Meet Garry Scutter

I have been involved in the financial services industry for over 30 years and in the past 4 years have concentrated on Estate Planning. I love meeting people and I have high standards and ethics meaning that outstanding service and quality is at the heart of everything that I do.

Talk title: Mum, if you die, who will look after me?

By building good rapport with clients, I can ensure that their affairs will be in order and their families futures are protected with the products we offer e.g. Wills, Lasting powers of Attorney and probate planning.

Outside of work, I enjoy walking our two Romanian rescue dogs and Labrador. I have also recently taken up cycling again and I am determined to take advantage of living near the coast in North Norfolk.


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Meet Marian Timms

Marian, an ex Biomedical scientist from the NHS brings her scientific knowledge and passion for helping people together to help them sleep.

Talk title: Mum, why are you turning the wifi off?

Having dedicated 27 years of her life to the NHS she realised that increasing medication was not the way forward for so many modern-day diseases and that there had to be an alternative solution for the majority of chronic illnesses.

From a holistic perspective, Marian's 'sleep better to live better' talks include why sleep is important , what goes wrong (with some hard hitting facts) when we don't sleep long enough or well enough and her five top tips to kick start your journey.

She works online with clients world wide and also face to face, delving into what is going wrong for you, identifying appropriate solutions and then optimising those results.

About the Hostess

: Vanessa-Mary: is a fun and loving Mum of two incredible adults and a very lively toddler. She is also a Glam-ma of two amazing grand-daughters. Starting out with a focus in nutrition and fitness coaching : Vanessa-Mary: has been coaching Mums since 2015. 

Since overcoming her own low-self esteem and financial struggles, launching her unique group coaching model has enabled : Vanessa-Mary: to support Mums to build resilience in their active lifestyle, emotional and mental well-being. 

: Vanessa-Mary: also talks about spiritual topics and the metaphysical principles and tools she regularly uses to experience powerful breakthroughs within her own life.

If you are feeling frustrated with your life in terms of your health, wellness or emotional well-being. Are you ready to receive practical life tools that will lead you to your own personal breakthroughs?

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Meet the Team

Established in March 2015, : Vanessa-Mary: Lifestyle Coaching for Mums provides online and offline lifestyle workshops and a unique 12 week group coaching programme for Mums. Each session is designed to educate and coach you to build your resilience so that you can stop procrastinating. Working with us will support you to experience the next chapter of your unfolding life transformation.

During your one to one and group sessions Lifestyle Coach : Vanessa-Mary: will support, encourage and lovingly challenge you. You will discover your own personal breakthroughs in your physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual well-being. : Vanessa-Mary: uses a range of coaching and metaphysical tools to show you how to boost your energy levels and increase feelings of confidence and joy. 

Meet the great team supporting this ground-breaking private members' club.


Operations & Finance Manager

Mark is : Vanessa-Mary's: life partner and has been a significant part of the team since 2015. Mark focuses on looking after financial and legal processes as well as supporting the running of our live events in the community.


Community Manager

Julia joined the team in 2022. Working as a Online Business Manager, she supports the growth and development of our online community. Julia creates marketing campaigns to provide support to our classes, events and Lifestyle Workshops. Julia also leads on Customer Service activities.


Marketing Manager

Thelma supported the organisation's first online summit and joined the team in 2022. Thelma leads on the implementation of key aspects of our marketing strategy to introduce new clients to the community.

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