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How are you valuing your health & well-being?

Are you a health conscious woman?

Do you have a desire to continue to make positive changes to your life?

Are you busy and struggling to find the time to read the endless social media top tips and articles on health, wellbeing, mindset and self care?

Imagine, how simple your transformation journey would be if you could access inspiring health and well-being information at a time that’s convenient to you.

How many roles are you juggling? You could be a partner, carer and mother as well as running the household, holding down a job or business.

Did you know, women carers are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than other women? If this is you, how often do you stop to regularly make time for yourself?

The life expectancy for women living in the United Kingdom is sixty-four years old.

  • How does your present healthy active lifestyle help your mind and physical body with healthy aging?
  • How are you supporting your opportunities to live a longer life?
  • What are you doing to support the expansion of your spiritual be-ing?

Get ready to broaden your knowledge on holistic self care to super charge your health & wellbeing routine. Elevate Your Be-ing series of transformational talks is for you if...

  • You are ready to start or deepen your holistic self-care (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) practice.
  • You enjoy learning in a structured manner at your own pace, BUT you need an accountability framework to keep you focused and on track.
  • You enjoy being part of a online community to learn and growth with others even if you're not always able to engage in the conversations.


Elevate Your Be-ing is a series of transformational talks created for health conscious women. This event will support the expansion of your awareness on your self-care. The creation of the series is part of the first year celebration for the Health & Well-being Cafe (HWC). By bringing together past HWC speakers you will have an opportunity to super charge your health and well-being journey.

The inspirational speakers contributing to Elevate Your Be-ing will reconnect with new and existing members to share higher concepts. Together, we're building a community that empowers individuals to focus on your self care in practical, loving and long lasting ways.

In the digital world you may have already come across success strategies. This is great and shows you value learning new things. What practices are you staying committing to?

If you're feeling stuck, unmotivated and uncommitted. Let's take your journey to another dimension where you'll learn and expand your knowledge. In doing so, you will be encouraged challenge your internal excuses. You will become excited take consistent action to gain results. You will also be supported by a community of like minded women who are also striving to become better versions of themselves.

"Just a little note to say a BIG thank you. You keep getting better at what you do, and I think you're creating and cultivating something really special.

It feels really genuine, supportive and uplifting which also inspires meaningful progress. Congratulations again on pulling it all together and reaching your goal, which is at the very same time is just the beginning...!

Onwards and upwards-to infinity and beyond!!!"
Corrina, Elevate Your Be-ing VIP Member

Lifestyle Coach :Vanessa-Mary: brings innovative health and well-being practitioners and influencers together to share effective personal transformation. You will be empowered and provided with a wide-range of techniques and tools to help you super charge you self care routine within four weeks.

Why Should You Be-ing Here?

Health & Well-being Hacks In One Place



You will learn achievable health and wellbeing hacks at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.



You will discover simple tips that will have a BIG impact on your life WHEN you apply the knowledge.



You will be connected to an awesome collective of likeminded souls to celebrate your wins and encourage you when you need a friendly reminder to keep going!


Engage with thought leaders who will transform the way you focus on your health and well-being.

Angie Simmons

Mental Wellness Mentor

Deniz Mustard

Emotional Fitness Coach

Helen Sheppard

Sound Healer


Alternative Therapist

Monica Douglas

Relationship Freedom Coach

: Sofie Collette.

Psychic Astrologer

Suzie Welstead

Happiness Coach

Victoria Sedgwick

LLB Hons Holistic Therapist & Mental Health Coach

Special Guest Contributor

Lorraine Byrne

Well-Being Coach & Theta Healing Practitioner

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Meet : Vanessa-Mary.

Elevate Your Be-ing is curated and produced by :Vanessa-Mary, a remarkable high energy Lifestyle Coach.

After experiencing childhood trauma : Vanessa-Mary's teenage years were filled with relationship and financial struggles as a young single parent.

Embarking on a journey of self education, personal and spiritual development : Vanessa-Mary: believed in herself and turned her life around.

Stepping into her purpose and power has allowed :Vanessa-Mary: to shine and share her gifts. Now she is inspiring and supporting other women to gain clarity on areas where you may feel stuck. In doing so, you will learn simple ways to boost your confidence on a daily basis. 

:Vanessa-Mary established the Health & Well-being Cafe in 2018. After taking a maternity break the event was reformatted in 2020 to appeal to an online community.

:Vanessa-Mary: is a busy Mum and Grandma who believes in living a healthy active lifestyle. In doing so, she finds time throughout the day to prioritise self care.

Working as a Lifestyle Coach she has created this series of talks to help you discover tips and techniques you can easily weave into your life.

Talk title 1: Activate Your Inner Alchemy

Talk title 2: Super Charge Your Super You

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Dive Right In!

The Elevate Your Be-ing series of transformation talks is a collection of uplifting and inspiring motivational talks and additional resources. The wisdom within the content will be an immersive experience for the benefit of your divine soul.

This online content will give you incredible opportunities to enhance your health, well-being and mindset expansion and daily practice.

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to over eleven hours of invaluable knowledge via a private member's portal. Don't miss out on hearing and learning from an amazing team of health and well-being contributors.

  • Edited video and MP3 recordings
  • Every single interview is yours to keep. Listen on your own time - in the car, on a walk, or making dinner - and go back to the ones you find the most helpful for YOU!
  • PLUS inside the member's portal you will be able to download BONUS worksheets!!

Finally, as a valued client you also access to the recording of the VIP Launch Party which provides another layer of empowering content with our guest contributors.

“I attended the Global Health & Well-being Cafe online event last night with Sofie: Collette as the guest speaker.

I am so glad I got on, it was so refreshing to talk with others like myself and the information was fantastic. Vanessa and Gemma do a fabulous job running these online events, and although I’m sad I missed the first event.

I’ll be sure not to miss one again. Thank you ladies for this. There’s another great guest booked the next one. I’m looking forward to hearing, so hope to see the regulars and some new faces, you’d be mad to miss it!

And thank you for my quiz prize, just perfect for me”. 

Danielle, 17 December 2020

Knowledge at your finger tips!

Get ready to access first class teachings that you can watch or listen to at your own pace.

You will have lifetime access to the mind-blowing ideas and easy to apply techniques captured in Elevate Your Be-ing series Transformational talks.

The knowledge will be suitable for you no matter what stage you are in your personal health, well-being and spiritual journey.

Listen to Expert Coaches to Boost Your Mind, Body & Soul!

Get lifetime access to uplifting and inspiring health and well-being talks with tons of tangible actions you can immediately apply into your life. These transformative talks are presented by knowledgeable and inspiring contributors.

Your life-time member access includes:

  • 11 Health & Well-being Pre-recorded Talks
  • Supporting implementation worksheets
  • Recording of the VIP Launch Party (bonus coaching tips)
  • Health MOT Evaluation & Follow up Consultation
  • Access to an online community where you can share your breakthroughs and insights with others

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Health & Well-being Cafe Testimonial

“It was really great to see you Vanessa, to meet you Gemma and be a part of this group again. It was a brilliant surprise to see that it has gone virtual and it definitely has not lost any of its warmth, it felt like a {BIG social distance HUG}. You have managed to adapt whilst retaining the quality of content to encourage personal development and support good health and well-being. Best of all it was FUN : D Well done guys! Looking forward to next month already… ”

Corrina, 26 November 2020

Health & Well-being Cafe Testimonial

“It was great to join and thank you again. Really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot so thank you for organising. Thank you very much”.

Kerry, 25 February 2021

Meet Our Speakers

Do you want to stay consistent and focused on taking action on your health and well-being goals?

Elevate Your Be-ing is here to help you feel empowered and focused on making small positive changes that will have a BIG impact on you YOUR LIFE.

We have invited contributors from our monthly events to encourage you to take a deep dive in various topics to take your transformation to the next level. You will have lifetime access to over eleven hours of invaluable content via a member's portal.

Meet Angie Simmons.

Angie Simmons is a single mum, pet owner and lives in an old mining town called Mansfield.  She is a qualified coach, a mental wellness mentor, a published author, and the founder of The Growth Development Foundation.

The Growth Development Foundation was born after seven years of intense inner work, therapy, and study to help inspire open minded business owners, that are looking for progressive and personal growth.

Angie helps her clients understand the science behind the mind, body, and soul connection with her powerful 7-week mentoring program. She also helps them monitor their daily thoughts, feelings, and actions with her unique year long, undated self-help journal to help them gain more clarity, connection and improved mindset and personal growth.

We all start out in life with a belief that we can achieve what we want, but life can get in the way of that leaving us feeling frazzled, destroying our confidence, and leaving us suffering from high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Angie knows this from first-hand experience and now uses her skills to help others going through the same thing.

Talk title: How Journaling Changes Your Life.

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Meet Deniz Mustard.

Originally a Personal Trainer for over 20 years Deniz moved into coaching to embark on her own journey to find her purpose. She had found herself very much stuck in her business, gripped with self-deprecating fears surrounding her ability until she learnt how to let go.

Fast forward over three years later, still fit but now very much connected to her purpose leading women out of their emotional pain and into the light.

Deniz takes people from their emotional pain and suffering into their power. Power is an energetic shift to be able to feel the strength from within and then take action. We always have a choice and free will but our emotions restricts us.

Energetically we can all work as one but we all need to connect to that oneness that exists. Then and only then will we all thrive and become abundant. Abundance is for all not just for the few this needs to be experienced and expressed in many ways.

Deniz will show you how to use your energy to connect to Universe, so you can feel good and create the life you want.

Talk title: Life Lessons on Energetics

Meet Helen Sheppard.

When I was 17, I realised that each part of the body had a different frequency and musical resonance. I realised disease had frequency. In 1984 in my circles, I was considered a maverick so I followed the path of a musician.

After 20 years in the music biz writing songs and singing for Sony Music, Warner Chappell and Epic records, plus as many years as a voice coach, I finally became a Mum and with that, everything changed for the better. My own process of deep healing began in earnest and I went through a very deep, painful decade of Spiritual Awakening and purging, resulting in stepping into my true purpose for being here on the planet.

As part of my journey, ten years ago I got a first class degree in music in a year and my thesis was about how sound effects the mind, body and spirit effectuating a therapeutic program for those struggling with neurological conditions which opened the door to cymatics, healing frequencies sound healing and mind-set repair. It has taken a decade to come to fruition including seven years of studying Bible Scripture which consolidated the understanding I had when I was 17. Full circle.

God spoke the world into being and we speak life or death with our tongues on a daily basis. Now,  I‘ve developed a healing program called ‘Find Your Voice and Roar | Calibrated Affirmations’ using all my years of research to empower people to heal through the power of their own voice.

I am very excited to be sharing this modality and research at the “FIRST Elevate Your Be-ing Online Transformation Summit”. You will gain a deeper understanding of their unique sound, how it works and why and how to transform using the power of their own voice.

Talk title: Find Your Voice and Roar

Meet Lorraine Byrne.

Before Lorraine was a coach and therapist, she didn’t know much about energy or consciousness and so couldn’t read the sign posts that the Universe was giving out to her to show her how to manifest the great life that we are all meant to have here on planet Earth.

Hence, her life was full of trauma, drama and health issues. After a set of bereavements, Lorraine developed glandular fever which progressed into chronic fatigue syndrome.

After completing hypnotherapy training Lorraine set up WellBeing Therapies in 2019, and uses the many energy modalities in her energetic tool kit to help individuals, businesses and animals to heal trauma; become more abundant in all areas of life and to re-remember lost knowledge of how truly amazing we are.

Lorraine will show you how to change your self-limiting beliefs and feelings that are blocking you from accessing your ‘universal trust fund’ lifestyle;

Lorraine will also support you to empower yourself to understand how energy and consciousness works to create a wonderful future for you, your community and for our beautiful planet.

Talk Title: Introduction to Theta Healing

Meet Madeleine Sedgwick.

Having been aware of ‘unseen’ energies and being- such as the elementals, fairy folk and so forth from her earliest memories, Madeleine has worked with them all her life.
Back then there was never anything mentioned in the media (pre www) as it was then just television, radio, magazines, and newspapers- nobody ever spoke of it.

Over the years, with the introduction of the web, social media, loads of magazine articles etc, she felt that so much information was incomplete, and she wanted to teach people about protecting themselves, about how their energies worked.

She left the corporate world and became a Reiki Master-teacher; Equestrian & other animals reiki therapist, Energy healer; Advanced crystal therapist; Hopi candling therapist and teacher, Spiritual teacher, Meditation and mindfulness teacher, and various other modalities.

Above all, she wanted to teach others how to work with the energies and how to understand and protect theirs, to give others the freedom to tread their own pathway and self develop in safety.

Last time she spoke about our chakras, what are they? Where are they? What do they do? This time she will briefly explain the infinite energies which every planet, and every being resonates with, and the ley lines of the planet we live on- what are they and how do we link with them. She will then take you on a guided meditation to link your energy body with ’All that is’, to become one with pure energy, out of your physicality.

Talk Title: How to connect with the universe

Meet Monica Douglas.

Monica is a fierce advocate for freedom from codependent relationships after divorcing and returning to wholeness after the end of a 27-year relationship. She lights a fire under high achieving, overworked and under-pleasured mid-life women and men experiencing the impact of breakup, separation or divorce. She helps them to reclaim their wildness and wisdom so that they find liberation and joy in love and life. 

She’s a certified relationship coach, an award-winning speaker, International bestselling author & transformational leader with over 25 years in professional and personal development. She is experienced, qualified and certified in a range of modalities including, coaching, transformational mentoring and dance facilitation. She’s trained and ordained as an Interfaith Minister providing spiritual counselling, ceremony, and safe sacred spaces for people of any faith or none. 

Monica has used the principles of Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in "The One" to transform, grow and evolve through grief, physical collapse, total digestive failure and fertility-related relationship issues. She is also passionate about child-centred divorce and relationship coaching for men as a daughter raised by a divorced single father during her teens.

Monica's talk is for you if you are ready to move out of stagnation and step forward into loving authentic relationships with yourself, others and life. 

Talk Title: Footloose and Fancy-Free: Reclaim your Freedom and Inner Peace in Relationships

Meet :Sofie Collette.

As we are going through challenging times, a lot of people have lost themselves and are looking to find their new role in life.

Knowing exactly who you are, when to make the right decision can be very important. Therefore, astrology and intuitive coaching can help you to connect to your own intuition, trust your own gut feeling and empowerment of who you truly are.

I help people in different ways to follow their path and also combine this as a therapist, to overcome blocks or past trauma that is holding you back.

In my talk for the online summit I will go deeper to let you know how all is connected. Nothing is coincidence and you will discover your own power to create what you really wish in life.

Talk title: Discover Yourself through Astrology

Meet Suzie Welstead.

Let me guide YOU to master your emotions.

I believe life is an emotional experience and we tend to run away from what we feel, I too used to run away and not face my reality I lived in denial for so many years.

My life experience as well as my work in mental health, with survivors of domestic abuse, disadvantaged teens and suicide has gave me a great foundation to support others. I am passionate about people and emotions.

My services supports my clients to let go off stressful emotions (anger, fear, shame, sadness to name a few) that are holding them back, feel free of their emotions to clear their mind so they can enjoy their life, they always feel uplifted and inspired as well as empowered, that for me is true transformation.

Talk title: Ready, Steady Love

Meet Victoria Sedgwick.

Hi, I’m Victoria from the Northwest. After a life changing challenge back in 2013, which caused my mental health to be out of balance, not being able to think, being overwhelmed, having a crisis with anxiety and panic attacks, and suffering with PTSD.

Feeling like a prisoner within my body and after years of counselling and therapy which didn’t work as I would wish it would, I turned to holistic therapy which supported and helped overcome the emotional distress that came with this.

I have now dedicated my life’s work to help others who feel the path ahead is daunting or too long and feel alone in becoming aware of healthier coping strategies. I have now become a qualified emotion & body code practitioner, Reiki master, sound healer, and an intuitive healer, helping over 200 people on my way to achieve their new self, by feeling emotionally lighter and able to cope with the life challenges in a happier thought process. I have not only more physical energy but also spiritual energy. I now feel balanced and wonderful to be in a happy mental health place!

Previously I spoke about, ‘how can words alone improve your general wellbeing and energy levels’? I explained that to have change you need to have the desire to act, which includes changing your body language, the words you use. You must also keep up the new focus on a daily basis with the belief that change will happen. I will be following up from this talk about what is a heart wall and why do 93% of us suffer with a heart wall which is usually a response to emotional distress that may cause you to feel disconnected from others, lonely, sad, anxious, and unmotivated. Victoria will discuss how to check if you have a heart wall and 5 top tips on how to release emotions to remove your heart wall from words, we say to ourself, to falling in love with yourself.

Talk Title: Do you have a Heart Wall?

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