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Making healthier choices such as improving your eating habits and taking regular exercise isn't easy. It's a process that takes time and motivation. Some of the best ways to ensure your success is to work on your mindset, check in regularly with your emotions, find a suitable Coach and be supported by Accountability Partners.

At the Health & Well-being Café you will have an opportunity to experience:


Personal Development Activities

Participate and interactive in our personal development designed to provide you an opportunity to reflect and expand (or reaffirm) your knowledge.


Get Connected

Learn more about different aspects of health & well-being from our monthly guest speakers.

You will also have an opportunity to connect with likeminded women who are on a similar journey.


Plan, Create, & Execute

The information and ideas shared at the session will provide you with an opportunity to plan out your health and well-being journey for the coming months ahead.


Health Optimisation

After attending the session you'll also receive information on how you can access a complementary Health MOT with Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach : Vanessa-Mary: and find out more about how a personalised programme with Herbalife Nutrition could support you to reach your well-being goals (includes Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free products).


Discovery & Personal Growth

After attending the session you can discover how you could become a Connected SisSTAR by experiencing one of : Vanessa-Mary's: group programmes designed support you to break the cycle of procrastination, so you can get focused, stay on track and transform your life in key ares where you presently feel unmotivated or you are lacking in confidence.

It was really great to see you Vanessa, to meet you Gemma and be a part of this group again. It was a brilliant surprise to see that it has gone virtual and it definitely has not lost any of its warmth, it felt like a {BIG social distance HUG}. You have managed to adapt whilst retaining the quality of content to encourage personal development and support good health and well-being. Best of all it was FUN : D! Well done guys! Looking forward to next month already…

Corrina, Committed SisSTAR

Get Focused

Attending this session will support you to gain a deeper level of CLARITY and develop positive mindset.

Claim Back Your Power

Attending this session will EMPOWER you to recognise your strengths, weaknesses within your healthy active lifestyle plan and support you to make adjustments along the way.

Enhance Your Happiness

Regular attendance at these monthly sessions will support you in planning for your future HAPPINESS!

Meet Your Host

Looking after your health is your number #01 priority!

Are you chasing your career, more money or more fulfilling relationships?

What steps are you committed to taking to maintain your long term health? As a modern women you'll be aware of how your body may be changing over the years.

There are many ways you can look after your mental and physical healthcare. You are invited to discover a range of cost effective ways to delay the aging process.

Are you presently doing all that you can to live a healthy active lifestyle?

Join us for another high vibe online evening of education on health and wellbeing and opportunities to network.

Meet : Vanessa-Mary.

Founder, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach for Mums

Meet the Founder of the Health & Well-being Cafe : Vanessa-Mary: who established the first session as a face to face event in 2018.

: Vanessa-Mary: is an energetic, fun loving Mum of three and Glam-ma of two who loves networking. Supporting the needs of families in business, she is also a Networking Host within a national business network.

Working as a Wellness Coach partnered with Herbalife Nutrition within her local community for over a decade : Vanessa-Mary: has successful coached women to encourage a healthy active lifestyle.

Now : Vanessa-Mary: is growing an international community of women who value personal development for their life and business. Expanding on her knowledge and skills within the industry, she uses metaphysical tools and techniques to support her clients to raise their energy, frequency and vibration.

The Health and Wellbeing Cafe is now a hybrid event which aims to create a welcoming, informative and fun filled virtual and physical events.


About the Health & Well-being Cafe

What to expect at our Monthly Online Events

Established in 2018 the Health & Well-being Cafe will provide you with a unique educational experience in self love and healing. Every month you will have an opportunity to connect with yourself and others while you discover deeper aspects of health and wellbeing.

The sessions are designed to be interactive so you will have many opportunities throughout the call to connect with like-minded members of our expanding community.

You will leave the event with at least one Happiness Habit you can immediately apply into your life!

At this intimate, online event with only 16 SEATS available, we’ll collectively focus on holistic aspects of our health and wellbeing.

Registered guests will receive a complimentary raffle ticket (only open for large events).

Self Love Guided by : Vanessa-Mary:

(value £75)

You could win a 1/2 day intensive coaching session involving a focus on your nutrition, emotional well-being and connection to your divine energy!

The session can be delivered online or face-to-face in Nottingham.

7 Day Results Kit - SKIN

(value £22)

Herbalife SKIN 7 Day Results Kit gives you trial sizes of the range that will give your skin fabulous results within 7 Days. 

Our Customers Love Us

"I'm really grateful for the meeting yesterday.

The energy on the call is always so positive and inspiring!

I hope I'll join more meetings this year and can't wait for the webinar as well".

Magda, Community Sistar

"Hi Vanessa-Mary, Thank you, it was a fantastic meeting.

I really, really enjoyed it. I look forward to speaking with Sofie."

Tracy, Raffle Winner

Join our Rising SisSTARS

If your feeling unmotivated or stuck in key aspects of your life. Now is the time to feel more joy and fulfillment, as you know you deserve.

Connect with us, and after 90 mins you will leave the event with at least one Happiness Habit you can immediately apply into your life!

At this intimate, online event with only 16 SEATS available, we’ll collectively focus on holistic aspects of our individual health and wellbeing.

Become a Community SisSTAR

If you have not attended a Health & Well-being Cafe session before you are welcome to join us to experience a complimentary session.

You can now get booked in by clicking the button below.

  • Tips on Mindset & Personal Development
  • Education on the monthly selfcare topic
  • Emotional Fitness Discussion & Ideas

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We'd be honoured to have you with us as our Guest.

Engage as a Connected SisSTAR

As a connected member of the Health & Well-being Cafe for only £12 per year your engagement is taking you to a deeper level within the community.

This month's session will build on the previous conversations we had to support your next level of self care and personal growth.

You can now get booked in by clicking the button below.

  • Review your Wellness Performance Score
  • Gain access to our new private Community Hub for daily Mindset, Personal Development and community forum
  • Download a copy of our 'SelfLove' Tips of Month

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The Health & Well-being Cafe is a fun, friendly and informative one-stop-meet up for your mind, body and spiritual longevity.

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